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7. February 2022

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Jürgen Bochanski leaves the management of Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH

Co-founder of the insurance broker remains available as a consultant

Hamburg/Munich, 7 February 2022 – Jürgen Bochanski completed his work as a managing director of Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH at the end of 2021. He played a decisive part in the company’s development for more than 42 years.

Jürgen Bochanski, together with two other partners, founded Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH in August 1980. He already took over all of his partners’ partnership shares at an early stage. Mr Bochanski has worked for his company, either as a managing director or as Chairman of the Executive Board of Aktiv AG, since the company’s foundation in 2001. He paved the way for the sale of his company to DROEGE Holding GmbH in 2018 and, as managing director of Aktiv Assekuranz, has remained an important point of contact for staff and clients since that time.

Client relations, commitment to sales and expansion were always the focus of Jürgen Bochanski’s work. The first foreign subsidiary was founded in Rotterdam in 1988. Many branches, subsidiaries and partnerships in Europe, the USA, Asia and South America were added over the years. The company profits not inconsiderably from this international strategy right up to the present time. The current locations in Istanbul, Mersin and other substantial foreign connections serve as examples. Some of the locations founded in Asia, e.g. in Malaysia, still exist today. Later partnerships with F. Rego in Portugal and GESA in Spain were initiated by Jürgen Bochanski over the years and continued to be looked after by him since the merger with DROEGE.

Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH specialises in the area of insurance solutions, particularly for the transport and logistics sector, and is one of Germany’s leading insurance brokers. Jürgen Bochanski managed the company’s destiny from the beginning. He will also remain available in the future to assist Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH with advice.

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Ewelina Jankowski
DROEGE Holding GmbH
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Aktiv Assekuranz

About Aktiv Assekuranz: Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH is an international insurance broker for commerce and industry and for the freelance and consultancy professions. The company’s special characteristic features in this respect are distinct core competence in the efficient preparation and support of customised polices, particularly for transport and logistics, and it is a part of DROEGE Holding. The headquarters is in Munich.